WWDC 2023 summary: Everything you need to know!

WWDC 2023 summary: Explore what's new in macOS 14 Sonoma, Vision Pro and iOS 17, and how iTakecare helps you integrate them

This past June 5, 2023, in California's Apple Park (no less 😁), Apple's WWDC or Apple Worldwide Developers Conference took place. Did you miss it? Here's a roundup of the announcements that stood out for us.

The spotlight on the big announcements:

The new macOS 14 Sonoma and the Apple Vision Pro. 

You're using a Mac 👇

Sonoma what? On the macOS side, the heart of Mac, there's a host of new features: the return of widgets for optimal personalization, major updates for Safari, a high-performance mode for screen sharing... A real boon for all individuals and companies looking to optimize their IT tools.

Let's take a look at the new features:

Widgets are coming back!

Just like on your iPhone, you can arrange your desktop with lots of widgets! So you can quickly keep track of your calendar, the weather, etc.

Safari Trip

Protection and security will be enhanced, notably with private browsing and access fraud. In addition, web searches will be improved in terms of ranking, and you'll be able to log in with multiple accounts.

Video Conferencing at top level

Apple's aim with these new features is to "enable users to share more effectively". You'll be able to insert yourself in the foreground or background of the presentation, and your listeners will be able to react live. How cool is that?

Work better, everywhere!

Work anywhere with high performance, thanks to the new high-performance mode that will enable more responsive remote access to your workflow than ever before.

Finally, what devices are compatible with macOS 14 (Sonoma)?

First of all, only Macs with an Apple chip are eligible.
At product level : 

  • The 2019 iMac and newer models,
  • The 2017 iMac Pro and newer models,
  • The 2018 MacBook Air and newer models,
  • The 2018 MacBook Pro and newer models,
  • The 2019 Mac Pro and newer models,
  • Mac Studio 2022 and newer models,
  • The 2019 Mac mini and newer models.

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The announcement of a space computer that makes WOW ⭐

No, we're not going to associate Elon Musk's name with this paragraph. But stay, there's plenty to dream about. "This day marks the beginning of a new era in computing".. Indeed, Apple officially unveiled its mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, at the WWDC 2023 conference. 

In an atmosphere worthy of the brand, with an elegant, futuristic design, the headset offers an immersive entertainment experience where the user's eyes, hands and voice are the means of interaction.

Source: Apple

A computer, simply located in your space. It will be compatible with iPhone and iPad applications. According to early testers, the Beta version is already... Surprising! No more science fiction, now it's reality.

Here are just a few of its avant-garde features:

  • Unlimited space for Apps: The only limit becomes space.
  • Space photos and videos let you relive memories in a whole new way.
  • Collaboration via Facetime for a cross-space presentation.

Apple has done it again. Technology will never cease to amaze us. Oh yes, for the record, the Vision Pro should be available in early 2024.

What does it say about the iPhone?

With iOS 17, Apple wants to "make the iPhone more personal and intuitive". Communication, sharing and typing will all be greatly improved! 

Contact sheets can be customized.

Source: Apple

Live Voicemail lets you read live messages left on your voicemail by your correspondent.

Source: Apple

The message application will change its design, with the arrival of new stickers!

Source: Apple

Airdrop will integrate new functionalities. NameDrop will make it possible to share content, music or launch a joint activity by bringing two iPhones together.

Source: Apple

The App that catches our eye? Journal!

This new application will encourage users to keep a kind of wellness diary. A learning system will enable recommendations based on the individual. Security and end-to-end encryption are of course present to protect privacy.

One last surprise: iOS 17 Beta versions available to all!

This year, Apple has announced that not only developers will have access to Beta versions. So you'll soon be able to test these features.

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Time to digest, WWDC 2023 was worthy of Apple

Apple's WWDC 2023 was marked by some major announcements. 

The reveal of the new macOS 14 Sonoma operating system, which brings many new features, including the return of widgets, major improvements to Safari and a high-performance mode for screen sharing. However, only Macs with an Apple chip are eligible for this update.

Next up was the Vision Pro, a futuristic mixed reality headset offering an immersive entertainment experience. This revolutionary device will be compatible with iPhone and iPad applications, and will be available in early 2024.

As for iOS 17, Apple has introduced several improvements to make the iPhone more personal and intuitive, with notable updates to communication, sharing and typing. In addition, a new app called Journal was introduced, designed to encourage users to keep a kind of wellness diary.

Finally, for the first time, Apple has decided to open access to beta versions not only to developers, but to all users. 

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That's all for today. Stay tuned for more tech adventures!

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