The advantages of computer leasing

Companies often need to finance the purchase of new equipment for the well-being of their teams and to meet the needs of their customers. However, purchasing equipment can be an expensive and difficult process for companies that often have limited budgets. As a result, it is becoming increasingly clear that leasing is an effective solution.
Discover the benefits of IT leasing for businesses below.

Optimized cash management

Computer leasing allows both refurbished and new equipment companies to easily manage their cash flow. Rather than purchasing the equipment, the company can lease it for a set period of time, usually between two and five years. At the end of the lease period, the company can either renew the lease or purchase the equipment at a predetermined price. This flexibility allows companies to quickly adapt to their changing equipment needs without having to manage the resale of outdated assets.

In addition, money that would have been used to purchase new computer equipment can be used for other important needs such as new product development, marketing or staff training.

A known monthly payment thanks to computer leasing

Corporate IT leasing offers fixed monthly payments, which makes budget planning easier. The payments are determined in advance and are not variable.

In addition, computer leasing often offers lower interest rates than traditional loans for financing.

Leasing reconditioned computer equipment, a good idea?

iTakecare proposes for companies the leasing of reconditioned hardware of grade A certified by Apple. This approach allows to limit the costs, to encourage the CSR policy of the company and to equip itself with the latest technologies intelligently.

Computer leasing

What is Grade A refurbished equipment? 

Grade A or "Very Good": the device is as good as new aesthetically. Only very slight defects or marks can be found. Most of the time, these are ordering errors, returns or non-use by the first buyer.

A smart solution for companies? 

Indeed, the reconditioned equipment will be offered at a lower monthly price. It is therefore sometimes smart to turn to this type of equipment, in new condition, to equip yourself with the latest models of IPhone, MacBook or IPad.

To conclude on computer leasing

Business IT leasing is an attractive financing option for businesses. By offering easy cash flow management, fixed monthly payments and tax savings, it allows professionals to quickly adapt to the changing needs of their customers while preserving their cash flow.

In addition, there are solutions, such as iTakecare, of computer leasing of reconditioned Grade A computer equipment for companies. Certified as new, it allows the company to equip itself with the best, at lower costs.

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